Judy Fraser passed away at Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She covered more ground than most in her lifetime, both internally and externally. A shy self-effacing woman, she was well known throughout the world for her pioneering work in the field of spiritual psychotherapy. Over four decades her work with”soul sickness” generated a large following of people who benefited from her unique insight into their problems and who sought her advice and support from all over the world.

Following an intensive seven-year course at the College Of Psychotheraputics near Tunbridge Wells in Kent on gradution Judy was asked to work as a teaching member of staff. She stayed for a further seven years giving talks and running courses under its auspices and was fortunate enough to be influenced by people and teachers of great standing such as Ronald Beesley, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhow and Theo Gimble and those who came after them.

Judy felt strongly that raising a spiritual standard was just half of the deal, this standard must be brought to earth and given ‘legs’ in service to all. First she tried to get varying organisations to cooperate, to teach from common ground and offer a united front but when that proved unsuccessful she applied those principles herself. She formed Second Aid, an organisation dedicated to providing support to people in times of emotional crisis through the media of meditation, prayer, discussion, counselling, and increased self-awareness. People suffering from a whole host of problems like bereavement, grief, stress, abuse and relationship failures were given help and guidance to deal with their difficulties, resolve them and find inner peace. She has worked with the NHS and social services in various parts of the United Kingdom and with companies throughout Europe and Canada. For more than 30 years Judy travelled the world in response to calls for help and encouragement, teaching workshops, giving seminars, lectures and presentations as well as seeing individuals. This wealth of experience is available in the form of the self-help manual Second Aid. Judy also ran a great many overseas courses. retreats and trips to sites of spiritual significance including SAcred Tours.

Judy marked the approach to her 70’s by writing 3 books: Second Aid; The Soul Searcher and The Anonymous Mystic

She gave this transcripted interview to Dr. K Sohail in 2005


In recognition of the support given to Judy by the Dorothy House Foundation the Fraser family created this JustGiving link to support their charitable work.











Trust the process ………

“Welcome to our blog you are most welcome. We hope you find both blogs and the Third Aid pieces of interest, please feel free to leave comments if you wish to” Thank you.

Now we somehow find the final push of energy we need to get to the end of the year. For many of us it has been a wobbly few weeks so this moon is coming at the perfect time to ground us, and help us keep ramming through those obstacles and blockages.   The easiest way to is to surrender to the reality of any situation and do what feels best for you.  We have had illuminated to us that life is a mixture of both pain and pleasure in equal measure. It is up to us to decide which perspective we choose to focus on. When we can accept the duality of this thing and it’s fringes we will be able to tolerate it much more.
Pay attention to all the blessings that are flowing our way and the pleasure life is bringing us, while embracing those parts that are painful. This is the bitter sweet melody of life.
November has been a month of extremes ~ all fine or rotten.  The key seems to be tone the ‘good’ down a bit, leaving good humour to prevail when times are hard!   Sometimes we are kept ignorant to our own shade, even if we see it clearly in others remember the proverb “never criticise another until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins”.   Find some time to rest it’s been an intense time, so stop, enable integration, reflect, then take the time to rest, calm the mind and decide how you wish to proceed. Overwhelming tiredness requires rest like it or not and enables us let go of what is toxic and no longer serving us.
The veil between our world and the spirit world is still very thin over this time take time to be in silence.
Osho Rajneesh:
“Experience life in all possible ways – good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don’t be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.”
  1. Are you buckling under the weight of your own problems?   Dig deep to find our inner resilience and strength. When we know we can meet our needs from our own inner resources, we can find the answers and make the right decisions from a place of empowerment and self love.
  2. Stay in the present and ground yourself in what is rather than what might be.
  3. We are happy to give help, not always to receive it.  Check the balance of the two states.  Try to reignite creativity and passion  by looking at things another way.
  4. Stay practical!  Clearly plan the next step and let it happen, even if it is modified slightly.
  5. Do the day and persevere until you find the way.  Don’t give up!  Focus there is always a way forward even if your first idea fails keep trying.


A season is a part of the whole year


Keep the bigger picture in mind while taking each small step. Especially if you are feeling impatient or frustrated that what is happening is beyond our control. When we feel out of control we become self-involved maybe even greedy, forgetting we are working on behalf of the good of all.  Try to make things easier and make things more enjoyable, playful and have fun where you can.  Rather than fight reality, the more we can accept people and situations as they are, without judgment or blame, we can start to see the blessings within the apparent burdens.  Include all, the self included, as best you are able.  Time to jump into the unknown supporting and being supportive.
Time to take a more balanced approach and embrace everything that is happening, as it is clearing the path for a new cycle. Rather than judge things as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things may still be working themselves out. Surrender to the flow of life, wherever it is taking you, and set a path for the next few months.  Rather than change what is beyond our capacity to understand we begin to understand what life is gifting us.  If we are flexible we can yield more easily and change our direction as required.  If we are rigid or stuck in our ways life becomes hard and uncomfortable, stay flexible and be open to new possibilities.
We are in a month of new beginnings.  But this isn’t just any new beginning.  This month…and for the remaining months of this year…we begin to pivot toward the all new everything.  Each of us are being presented with a major choice-point…a unique and unprecedented opportunity to sever our cord from duality. No more duality just choice.
Face the truth however hard it seems. Once we know the reality we can do something about it.  Accept people as they are and not as we would like them to be. Once we can accept a person’s choices are their own, we are more able to forgive them if their choices don’t coincide with our own. So surrender to the choppy flow. There is no point in fighting life, we will always come out the loser. When we let go of old attitudes we are more able to deal with things.  Trust that life has your back. Without an innate trust that life wants us to thrive, we can become anxious, stressed and depressed Everything is happening perfectly even when we are unable to see how!  When we can let go, we can enjoy the ride, whatever is happening!
Ask what triggers our impulsive side? What keeps us stuck in old habits that die hard? What behaviours do we repeatedly indulge in regardless of how poorly they’ve worked out for us before?! Identifying these now will help us curtail impulsive reactivity and discern what truly needs to change.
This month signals a time to wipe the slate clean in any recent conflicts. Just because we’ve clashed with others doesn’t mean we’re bound to be forever at war. On the contrary, we may have far more in common than we know! Human nature is cyclical, moving in ebbs and flows of togetherness and understanding, strife, separation and discord, then back to connection again. All is in constant motion, nothing remains the same and any notion that people never change simply isn’t true. This is a time that both softens and strengthens our relationships. It supports a compassionate heart and courageous spirit. At times we need to be willing to say the tough stuff with bold love, knowing it is the truth which sets us free and frees others.  It is sometimes the hardest truth of all, too easy to swoop in bully and control within the lives of others.  High drama and intensity aren’t necessarily the hallmarks of a meaningful relationship. If we can’t withstand the demands of everyday life – the mundane realities that form much of a day – we may be using a relationship to escape life, not to share that life intimately with another. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Comparing one to another is largely pointless. But for those wondering where a current connection will lead – ask Is it what I want and what I need?
Suggested self-reflection:
1.  Ask yourself if you’ve been turning a blind eye in certain areas?  Things that have been hidden are being exposed, what form is this taking for you?
2.  We need to restore balance and take responsibility for choices and resulting actions.  Are you getting sucked into areas that need not concern you?
3.  We want to eliminate the inner critic now.  Don’t get taken hostages rather shine more brightly and review things that have been achieved.  Manage time and ask what projects are important and what you can contribute?  Ask don’t barge in!
4.  Rather than trying to change or ‘fix’ another look at how it maybe reflecting our own behaviour and see what needs changing within us.  List what these these maybe, work out how to negotiate.  Sometimes we loose the diplomatic stance.  Work out where we may have attacked or gone on the defensive and then work from the same side.
5. Be yourself and be as honest and truthful as you are ready to be.  Don’t compromise yourself in favour of others but don’t betray yourself either.  Re-establish the boundaries you need to keep while respecting those of others as well. Assume nothing, ask don’t tell.  Take another view on where you may   have you slipped up in the past so you can trust yourself not to make the same mistake again?

Harvest time and the Autumn Equinox


How light is your heart?  Light and good, move in one direction, the desolated in another so it is a choice whether to sink or to rise.  We’re being asking to get off the fence, make decisions and form opinions as to how to proceed with the merging of heaven and earth as we know it and choose what to create as we write our future.  Do we focus on problems that stimulate fear or do we neutralise old polarity and proceed with trust, even when we are not sure what we are doing!  Don’t feed the fear feed love instead, this enables us to view new potential so we can be the change that we want to see. As the Autumn equinox occurs we can assess the harvest both internally and externally so endings and beginnings happen.

We are used to following the head or the heart and sometimes they seem to conflict as the rational, logical and structured paths that are familiar to us appear and yet it maybe our choice to trust the intuition and creative energy which is more unknown as yet.  We can feel demotivated, sluggish  until the head and the heart decide to move in one direction rather than seemingly quarrelling for who should dominate.  Only when we find the courage to follow our intuition do we disconnect from the past and move into the magic that is our future.

Serve the self or serve all?  We need to talk to trusted friends for all our sakes, so that we catch up with ourselves, when we do so we begin to feel better about ourselves and find inner peace as our problems find a perspective and set new intentions even if we are unsure how they may manifest as yet. Get what help you need whether that is a chat, time to meditate, a massage or whatever resonates and brings clarity.  It may appear we are diving into deep water and facing things that have been hidden in our deep unconscious, better to face the fear or potential pain as it liberates us long term.   Focus forward and get back on track it will boost our energy.  Self-doubts, mental blockages and self-imposed limitations stop us from leaving the past behind and concentrating on planting next seasons seeds.  The only way to overcome fear and anxiety is to go for it and to trust that both the Invisible Worlds and the Earth have our back.  Over the last couple of weeks, it has been becoming more apparent that in order to remain harmonious, calm and peaceful we now need to completely surrender to the ebb and flow of life! Life is forcing us to fully detach and let go and allow the river of life to sweep us along fully trusting we are safe and supported.

This is the time to take stock of where our projects are so that you know where to focus our energy for the rest of the year. During the harvest time, we are able to see what projects are ready for the harvest, what still needs time to ripen, and which of our projects were unable to take root and grow. Despite instant communications, things are seeming to take much longer to come to fruition. Don’t be frustrated if you are not where you want to be. Life has a funny way of bringing to us exactly what we need when we need it, we just need to trust that everything is happening perfectly!  Time to tune out the negative and to concentrate on that which inspires.


Harvest needs to include balancing the busy-ness with that which nurtures plus a few treats.  To do so enables us to count our blessings and be able to be a part of the good things happening around us.  It’s an invitation to life to put us in the way of more magic.  Declutter the year whether that appears in the form of people or possessions and clean the space to enable the new magic to enter in.  Yes, up until the harvest we have to be busy now it is the time to slow down to avoid burn out and to replenish that which is exhausted.  Time to take time out and to soothe fear and calm stress and to ‘see and feel’ nature in all its forms human, animal, vegetable and mineral.  Be open to beauty.


Suggested self check:

  1. Are you willing to let go and get any help you may need?
  2. Have you the courage to let go and allow yourself to be led?
  3. Can you view this Autumn Equinox as the gap between chapters that enables new intentions to come to the fore?
  4. As you begin to understand the next steps can you communicate these to others once they are clear to you?
  5. Do you trust yourself to take the next step knowing that the essence of whatever is past lives in the heart anyway?

Wake up and smell the roses!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson:

This is the time of a massive collective awakening.  This involves being stirred up so we search what life truly means for us.  In its wake we experience both unrest and chaos.  If we realise we have to investigate further, and deeper and this will involve change.  No more taking things for granted as some people and things will disappear from our lives and eventually be replaced by the new.  The interim period is uncomfortable and sometimes unpleasant as the new and the old seem to war against one another.  It is easier to try to rerun the old, yet it is no longer viable.  The new is more difficult to get a hold on, yet is required. It enables us to weed and retain what is required and to have enough space to be aware of the way ahead given a little time and patience.   Change is a work in progress within individuals, countries and nations across the world as we know it.  Unrest is plain to see and feel, it seems like being on the very edge of a national disaster that is just about ready to show its face.  The only way to manage it is to go within so deeply as to be little affected by the outer confusion and so not drawn into it more than superficially.   Not easy but essential to our survival.   The service requires not getting into judgment or blame but to be dispassionate yet send Light to all.
Learning to ‘know’ ourselves as we are NOW allows us to master and understand current time, only then can we transform into who we currently are.  Information starts in the gut and may well unbalance us, we can’t ‘get’ the new balance required.  Only when we look deep into our hearts then try modified expression can we become realistic rather than idealistic about what is required next.  When we know then we are able to pass the information coherently to others who surround us.  During this process we can feel quite isolated and alone, if we stay steady sleep enough, connect to nature, eat well as we contemplate, we find our way soon enough.  Then when we rewind our balance we are able to communicate with others.  If we do it to early we experience overwhelm, too late and others loose interest.   
Things are starting to shift, and there are those who are feeling this. Celebrate the change. “Whatever it is that’s going on with us, celebrate it! There’s a benevolence of love in our life that will bring us good things. Cast away the fear of the future and start celebrating what’s to come.  If we can find gratitude so much the better.   When we take personal responsibility for our actions, rather than allow ourselves to be triggered by the behaviour of others, we become more empowered and can make choices that serve us better.   Don’t look to others to fill the hole. Serve yourself and do what is the right for you.  Remember to embrace the rebel and stand in our own power, so we can be the change.   Have the will to carry on regardless of the challenges and obstacles that we are encountering and trust our own inner strength and vision.  Try to to see the world through the eyes of a child, and see life with wonder and excitement. A child sees life as an adventure and is unafraid to take risks even when past experience has brought with it lethargy. so review beliefs and have another go!
Suggested self check:
  1. How is your inner rebel?  Are you able to speak your truth without fear?  Are you willing to shake your status quo to investigate perceived hidden agendas, deceits, old betrayal and free all from destructive behaviour, relationships, partnerships and friendships?
  2. Are you willing to break out of old ruts and take the first step?  Can you create a balance between serving the self and serving the greater community?
  3. Will you face your weaknesses head on or continue to remain passive obedient and complacent within injustice as you see it?  Can you express your real feeling or will you go beyond old comfort zones?
  4. Is your intuition in good working order as you meet sudden change that sometimes brings revolutionary consequences with them?  Will you take the risk to be a more authentic version of yourself?
  5. Do you listen to your dreams and visions?  Do you observe the synchronicities surrounding you as you try to join the dots?

Do you need a chill pill?


The Four Agreements.:

“Don’t Make Assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.”  

Miguel Angel Ruiz,

 If your feelings become intense, perhaps wait until they have calmed down before having a conversation with the person who is igniting these emotions in us.  We all want to be heard, but when its activated by negativity the message can get lost.   Our senses become sharper if we relax.

Each and all are special and unique to Life? Love and life are unconditional, infinite, and eternal. If we offer harmony to chaos, chaos offers opportunity to us.   Current time calls for the empowerment to hold our boundaries of love so that our resonance stays strong, maintaining a powerful vibration that interacts with humanity—it affects the vibration of life on Earth

If we want to be heard when we speak we must learn to listen and listen well.  It’s been said we should listen three times as much as we speak.  When we have something to say it needs the purpose behind it, when it has then synchronicities occur and we connect to people who we can help and those who can help us.  When people show up and we connect we share, not for what we might get out of it but because we want to and it seems the right thing to do.  We can concern ourselves with the administration behind time rather than in front.  Be selective but open up and share vulnerabilities.  Of course you may have to cope with the come back i.e. those who start to decide on your behalf if they should speak or not; those who try to take over and treat you as if you are deranged but in amongst them the wheat is sorted from the chaff.

Intuition is not sourced from the thinking mind, so don’t distort truth by seeing reality as you might like it to be,  It is as it is so face it full on.  Be careful not to gossip or make assumptions regards the behaviour of others, stay in your integrity and don’t get caught up in other peoples battles.  If others prejudices cannot accommodate our vulnerability that is their problem, don’t make it your own.  Establish revised boundaries and ensure your own are peaceful and harmonious outcomes.

It’s time to take the opportunity to go beyond old fears, and to redefine our boundaries and set revised goals.  Some may remain as before but maybe new ones are appropriate as well.  Recommit and hold one, tenacity will support our endeavours.  No need to act hard and tough nor soft and gentle we can pursue a middle way and create and updated solutions as we get inventive.  My Canadian brother and sister paid a visit to each other this week together with partners and decided I was the only one missing so they Face-timed me so I could join in for an hour or so those are the sort of solutions that move mountains!

Suggested self check:

  1. Get practical inside and out so as to get on top of administration, use it or loose it!  True for clothes, administration and kitchen cupboards.
  1. Make a daily commitment to see the funny side of life, at least once a day. When we focus on something, we experience more of it.
  1. Are you facing your limitations?   Look at what they are then accept them and make the best of them.  Be grateful to those who help to facilitate these changes.
  1. What are the ways you find to express your truth more easily even if it means getting a bit tougher.
  1. Is your inner critic overactive? Work to let  go the need to berate yourself.  Look at how far you’ve come even if you think you’ve a long way to go.


Look for the rainbows – Happy Summer Soltice


The most important thing is to find some quiet time to just stop and be with ourself. It is very difficult to get clear when there is external stuff going on and we are being bombarded by other people and their needs. We are important too, so make the time – we’re worth it.  It gives us the time to get clear on what we want to achieve and to re-establish our intention and goals.  Once we get clear on our bigger viewpoint we can work backwards to enable us to see the practical next step.  In that way we don’t get overwhelmed as we cut the workload down into bite size pieces.  We can write down what we need to do, then prioritise them.   We can ask for help if we need it, it is important to acknowledge our vulnerability when required.
When we find ourselves faced with two directions, go with your gut feeling even when it seems irrational, trust the intuition and the gut feeling.  A teacher of mine said if in doubt go with the harder path. In June observe changes in our third eye, throat and heart energy flow. We are amplifying our Love so we can handle its higher aspect although fear and ego will cause us to resist. However impossible a situation may appear to be faith will escort us through.  Keep on keeping on!  Be true to who you are, despite resistance just ‘do’ the day, and don’t take things too seriously, then we make the right decisions for us and so enjoy life more.  When you are ready share your decisions and ideas with those whose feedback you honour and respect. They may say something that brings clarity to our situation.
Maybe we may feel there is a sting in the tail, that is usually due to judgement (which just maybe wrong or incomplete) and or not releasing the blame game.  It is the residual of the past and we need to completely forgive and find compassion for all (self included). Change is a scary thing and most of us are holding on to what we know rather than dive into the unknown for something better.  Choose not to be a victim to past circumstances, focus on what you have learned rather than what you feel you have lost.
Look beyond old horizons it will help to inspire It helps us to let go of expectations and attachments to specific outcomes so that we can take the risks. If there are moments of fear and uncertainty the best way of dealing with them is to be in the moment, as much as possible, and trust your gut feeling. When we decide to see life as an adventure, rather than a nightmare, we see all the magic and blessings that are happening right in front of our eyes.  And synchronicity starts to be noticed as it occurs.
Make the most of this time of growth and regeneration. Everything is lush and green and full of fertility. Nature is our reflection so find hope and inspiration in the nature that is around us, even when things are looking turbulent. Be willing to see the rainbows in life, because somewhere in the sky the sun is always shining, even when there is rain.
Express willingness to become pro-active, and rise above the sometimes suffocating feelings of helplessness and desperation with renewed faith. When we do so it releases passion and inspiration to do something positive for the world and make it a better place. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, a smile and a kind word starts to new.  We have spent the last few months releasing mental and emotional blockages. Now is the time to move into the flow of action and change the things that no longer serve us.
Suggested self check:
1. As yourself if you have you found your feet and recreated an inner safe space?
2.  What are you committed to?  Is it a new project, relationship or both?  How do you intend to focus and commit?
3.  Are you ready to trust that inner flow and to let life’s tides take you need to go without resistance?
4.  What is your gut instinct telling you?
5.  Have you had a sense of humour failure?  Look for laughs whether it is ‘having the crack’ with friends or watching a funny movie.

The wobbly bridge from past to future


Life has been wobbly over the past few weeks, and some people have been feeling depressed and a bit lost.  Time to find our feet once more, and re-focus our attention. We can step into our power, as the individuals we are now, as we find the forgiveness and compassion towards those that have hurt us, or caused us pain in the past. As we take personal responsibility for the choices we have made we release any negativity that no longer serves us. The new cycle has begun, and with it comes a clean slate,  We are entwined with the collective experience of life.  To empower ourself, we interact with life and change the world bit by bit, merely by living our life. It is our birthright as a human being. Life wants our empowerment, because it expands through our efforts.

Life is always “speaking” to us, as is our Higher Self.  We don’t need to become frustrated because we think we can’t hear our Higher Self. Since it is an integral part of us, the communication is so natural and continual that many miss it.  Depending on our dominant intuitive senses, our communication will vary. But the Higher Self is rarely a booming voice in our head telling us what to do and when to do it. It speaks to us through emotional and thought impulses, as well as our psychic senses like body clues for example goosebumps, throat clearing, feeling hot or cold without reason.  The still small voice speaks to us through our desires, and through our interactions. It will enable us to come across a certain website; have us over-hear someone’s conversation or a song on the radio…it is communicating with us endlessly.  The skill is to take notice and to follow the clues until we solve the mystery.   When we learn to read the clues, we are opening to an enhanced communication and connection that helps guide and indicate our path.  Quiet gentle and kind never forceful or coercive.

Sometimes we feel a little marginalised and isolated.  Often this is because our attention is being drawn towards the ‘new’.  Sometimes we are disappointed because we’ve been unexpectedly approached to do a task, we put ourselves out and work out how it might be possible to administer, only to find others have made different arrangements without informing us.  Rude  not to inform us- yes, inconvenient- yes!  We need to remind ourselves that we would not want to work with people like that anyway and in fact we have been granted a happy miss.  Something more appropriate will occur if we are patient.  It is all a part of the mechanics of letting go of the old and connecting to the new.  Connect to the emotions then let go and trust and accept that all is as it should be and is well, even when we don’t fully understand as yet.

There are two main types of clues; internal clues and external clues.

First, our internal clues speak to us of our intent, our current vibration and belief structures. As we identify and update them, we align our communication with that of our Higher Self.  Secondly, there are the synchronistic clues of life from the outer world—the external clues. These will speak to us of impending manifestations, available choices and how balanced we are with our intent.  As we meld and weave together what we now know and understand it all begins to make sense.

We begin with the inner world. Since your Higher Self easily speaks to you through emotions and thoughts which are our intuitive senses, we can use these to help us to understand the language of the Management Upstairs. Honouring our authentic feelings helps let what is the current requirement surface into awareness. Emotions are merely a library of information packed into a feeling. Reading the internal clues is the observance of our emotions and our thoughts. Authenticity is important for our movement, otherwise we just avoid our own alignment.   When we are empowered within, the outer circumstances don’t control our inner world.   Here the external and internal clues meet in the realm of choice and we update our current within our communication with life.

The external clues present via the circumstances that surround us.  We observe things that we have a strong emotional reaction to and maybe wonder why.  Something may stand out in an unexpected way, for example we look out of the window and colour appears brighter than usual, or someone we are talking to has unfamiliar expressions on their face or in their voice.  Someone at work inspires or annoys you whereas we’ve not been bothered before.  Take notice of the clues of life that are being pointed out.  Some make us feel empowered even if it stirs a little doubt or trepidation, in which case carry on!  If on the other hand if we feel it is dragging us back into places we don’t want to go, then heal it within and walk away.

We need to take actions that move us toward greater empowerment.  We are evolving into greater boldness, love and balance. We are constantly discerning and choosing, directing and allowing. Balance is the active endowment of our natural Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy in equality. We direct  active masculine energy and allow  and respond to feminine energy. We choose masculine energy and we observe feminine energy. This external and internal reflection is a part of us, and it is a part of life.It is the independent and interdependent in balance, living through us.  We are entwined with the collective experience of life. Empower and interact with life and we all change the world bit by bit, merely by living our life. It is our birthright as a human being. Life wants our empowerment, because life expands through us.

Suggested self check:

1.  New energies have been introduced.  Are you ready to meet them as  an inquisitive, innocent child, with no awareness of failure, pain, disappointment, and broken dreams. Or, will old memories and experiences get in your way?

2.  Can you take a genuine, honest, mature look at what is happening in all areas of our life to see what is desirable and possible as a next step?

3.  Be aware that dreaming big can spark conflict so talk and discuss possible plans with those who have a proven track record only until plans begin to concretise. Who are those people for you in current time?

4.  Are you clinging to the river bank or letting go and going with the flow?  When we let go synchronicities start to happen.  What are those for you?

5.  Focus and trust your inner voice.  Then you ‘know’ what the right risks are, it may not seem rational.  So what is the right thing for you at this time?


Surfing the waves of life!


We have no choice but to go with the flow, ride the waves and manage the ebbs and the flows, the highs and the lows, the currents and the waves.  It becomes much easier when we stop fighting with life.  Then we start to see the magic within nature, the synchronicities and how life is working with us.  Time to set our intention and go with the flow. we’ve had a time where we have had the possibility of connecting more fully to our intuition and feel connected to both the spiritual worlds and the earth and nature that surrounds us.  Less ego and more heart is the stimulus that will drive us on. As we’ve spoken about in past months, first comes confusion even conflict as we move between the pressures of society and wondering what our true desires are and if we’re coming to the right conclusions.
If we live simply and quietly we find our personal rhythm and flow, then we begin to understand and even honour our deepest needs as they are now without the fear or/and recrimination.  Any frustration and anger disappears as we bring the current issues to the surface.  We are all special and have something to give yet we have to update what it is!  Where to give and when, and what we need to receive.  It doesn’t matter who we are, or what our life is like, whether our beauty is internal external or both.  Or, where we come from or how much money we have made.  We have unique gifts, skills and talents.  These are pulled apart and then put together in a new way as we change our perspective and attitude to manifest our passions into reality.
We often feel under pressure to look after our material needs and wants, while we become more aware of how our actions impact the rest of humanity, and the planet.  We remember that we are all connected to a greater whole, and hopefully it helps us to be more inclusive, loving, and compassionate.  As the old chapter gives way to the new we sometimes feel a sense of doom which is this conflict between knowing everything is possible, and the clouds created by the harsh reality of our everyday lives, and the fear of change.  This is happening to everyone.  Our job is to be compassionate to ourselves as well as to others.  If we feel  we are being pushed beyond old boundaries then we are!  Take time to be alone but not to indulge in victim mentality.  Being in nature stabilises us rather better than trying to escape into addictive behaviours.
Yes we may want to keep up with world headlines but we need to be careful not to immerse ourselves in horror.  As we learn the merits of rest, quietness, calmness and allowing things to unfold.  We don’t have to have an opinion of everything.  Why people would think we should put our oar in is beyond my comprehension.  Some people just want to be the centre of attention all of the time, the sooner we learn this is not possible the better for everyone.  We are reminded to find our current point of equilibrium, where we are able to remain in our power, without upsetting the harmony and balance of our relationships. This adjustment may feel a little harsh as we may feel a little marginalised until we are motivated to find our new placement.  This will involve freeing others to do the same.
It is a time for co-operation and compromise, rather than conflict and confrontation.  Take a ‘chill pill’ this enables awakening and awareness.  We do our best to let go of anything that we are not in control of. When we can surrender, trust, allow, and receive, life seems to work out more smoothly. Everyone needs to be heard and listened to, so we need to be honest with our feelings and not be afraid to ask for what we want. The more honest and open we are the easier and more emotionally stable we become. Firstly we need to break old dependency cycles and find harmony and peace within relationships that were once challenging.  Ride those waves and enjoy the ride!  A friend of mine said the qualities needed are patience, persistence and perseverance, how true!


Suggested self check:
  1. Are you able to let go of the past or do you cling on afraid nothing as good or even better will come your way?
  2. Are you able to research what may come your way next in a detached manner?
  3. When you ‘know’ how you feel can you express yourself to others in a definitive manner? 
  4. When others give you advice as to how they think you ‘should’ proceed are you able to hold your own space or do you find yourself slipping into their reality?
  5. Do you find yourself consumed by negative thoughts, people or news?  Do you seek out the positive more cheering situations, people and activities?
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Transition involves ending the old chapter graciously even if we feel there is more that could have been done, it is the time to let go.  There follows a gap when not much seems to be happening, it is important that we live simply and are practical rather than projecting our opinions onto others, who have their own agendas and who do not deserve to be loads with that of other peoples as well.  A time when we need to be open to doing things a different way under different circumstances.  Not that we have much choice!  More pleasant for all if we don’t give way to major tantrums.    As we come towards the Spring equinox we balance the books and use what has been learned as the foundation from which to move onwards once more.  We have already had the first day of Spring here in the UK although it seems more like the depths of winter still!
Within the murk we start to create our new world, that in turn is mirrored by communities even countries.  If we are bold we love as best we are able, and in holding this vibration we heal the disdain we may have experienced as we observed others who desired change but did not appear to be working on themselves that hard!  We begin to journey  into our next phase like it or not.  We are observing governments and businesses and amplifying the direction of Love’s flow into future form. If we don’t fall into the trap of judgement we can ride the wave from past to future.  We are contribute and take the reins of the course of humanity, for we are contributing to being a cooperative and positive trigger, as we empower change in the direction of love and care. We are looking deep within at residual resentment, fear, anger or pain.   As we let it go and nurture transformation wisdom we’ve gained as have others as we cultivate and feed the future.  
Love is always a choice.  It is the catalyst that determines the next creation’s forming.  It can never force anyone,  for love is a vehicle of empowerment  that we must choose freely and unselfishly.  If we pick love we will find we are embraced even when experiencing a moment of anger or sorrow.  Love is in service to us, for we’ve chosen to direct form  (this includes momentary lapses).  As we forgive, we offer new growth of Love.  As we learn to hold healthy boundaries, we offer new strength to our ability to give and receive  Love.  We are Love’s vehicle of flow.  We learn to flow love into all human experience, be it challenge or triumph.   Compassion gives freely but also receives,  we give first because we decide we don’t want to hate or to criticise anymore.   Whether we receive or not at that stage is a theory and it really doesn’t matter in the overall scheme of things.   If we are lucky and receive then we learn to be gracious and grateful rather than argumentative.
We choose what we fertilise but we need to fertilise the ground to dream our dreams and inspire ourselves, so we find the courage to take risks and open to new possibilities as we shake off the sluggish and unmotivated remnants of winter.  Be aware of waking and sleeping dreams as well as inner prompts so we can follow signs.  It’s a time to ‘weed’  as we comprehend whether that involves people who are growing at a different rate to ourselves, not right or wrong just different.  Or perhaps we need to pay attention to our health; a change of focus of work issues so we can stand in our power no longer bound up in things that have held us back.  It is important to align with ‘now’ time letting the past and the future go, that allows us to make the space we need for everyone to move on.  We to easily fall into making decisions as to what we think may ‘be perfect’ both for ourselves and for others.  Time to get off the case and be gentle as well as patient.  Be aware of feelings of irritation or annoyance that have surrounded or invaded our space and insist on calming down within and seek harmony until these feeling pass away as they will if they are not fed energy.  
Suggested self check:
  1. Being practical enables what is possible.  Are you aware of what creative action is beginning to happen?  Think out of your box and look for the feel good factor, what is it?
  2. Is your heart calm and peaceful?  When your heart is quiet you know what to do next regardless of any wild impulses your head or ego project.  Be aware as you go about your day so you pick up clues.
  3. Are you willing to open up opportunities  and work with the unexpected?  Do you jump into the unexpected or run away from it, are you waiting in the space ‘nicely’ until you understand what is required?
  4. Are you observing personal and collective beliefs that no longer serve you?  Do you dare to tell your updated truth and dare to be different or unconventional?  
  5. Are you standing up for what you believe in now?  Can you rock the boat if need be,  perhaps ‘bend’ rules that no longer serve?  Have you taken an inventory of our connections of late?  If we feel genuine compassion?  Do you align with the good and true?