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We have been reviewing old heart ache and past cycles that have been pain related at one level or another.   There is a line in a song that says “Oh what a night”  this last time period would better be described as “Oh what a month”.  Brain scramble enables us to work out of what relevant to us now, and what has been useful but is now redundant.  When knowledge is truly integrated within us there is no need to study it further, for now at least.  When we seem to be drowning in emotions we have to ask ourselves if they are ours.   Perhaps we inherited traits from environments, parental influences and the like.  Useful and educational at the time but of no use to us now.  These things get collected up and utilised or discharged from our space.  They may appear as a virus, a bacterial infection or a previously unsuspected illness.  All must be  managed with diligence and with care.
A part of this process is working to become the eye of the storm, the stable calm that life spins around.  Life is spinning fast and we cannot be all things to all people nor should we try.  If our core is strong with the knowing of our sacredness, we are truly empowered and all is well. We can observe this in the way that life flows easily even in troubled times all aligns with relative ease.
In spite of loss illness or whatever we begin to glimpse the magic that we are and that love is.  The real and the natural is not an illusion.  New solutions and new experience is being born through us, some might say in spite of us!   We don’t need to figure it out all at once, we gradually become more resonant with the peace that passes all understand and it will begin to flow through us.  As we work to free ourselves inwardly we find ourselves forgiving those who have made demands on us wittingly or unwittingly.  We start to understand the true meaning on in (for) giving we have received.  In the same way as we may have judged others we judge or justify ourselves. This opinion requires change only then can we perceive in a more comprehensive manner.  If we do not cooperate transformation cannot occur and we get in the way of collective movement.  
As we begin to find our new place we let go and in doing so free ourselves and many others.  Old experiences become new strengths where we lead by demonstration rather than by being bossy and annoying others.  Updated wisdom may require us to keep quiet and just be around rather than insisting on a lead role.  Certainly we may learn new understanding of ourself, and we will certainly understand others better.  We may like what we see or we may not!  We cannot change the system or have another go.  If our kids are grown up we can’t go back and take another go at raising them!  They will be raising their own family now and will be meeting the challenges of their own remits in their own ways.  They will not thank us for getting in their way.  
We all have to find our updated role and fill the space that is waiting for us.  We help most by being able to respond, it is responsible to focus on our need rather than to put all our energy into deciding (probably wrongly) what others needs are!  Take a good look at where we are and what we believe is required as a next step.  Don’t look too far ahead for if we do we loose momentum better we have the tenacity to achieve the next step, more may seem to forbidding.   
Only when we begin to see the light for ourselves can we light the path of others.  Once the recognition is there all are able to move on.  Then the creative ideas come and we begin to trust we are being guided.  We live naturally with simplicity and elegance and all are served.  We are now riding the waves of living rather than sinking.
Suggested self check:
  1.   Decide to work for the good of all even when we do not know exactly what is required as yet!  Togetherness and teamwork is more important than personal recognition.  Your heart will tell you who is a part of your current team and who is not – have you asked?
  2. We’ve all heard the expression ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’  well now is the time!  What do you need to take up or to put down.  What is making you numb rather than brave?  Are you grateful for learning to date and ready to move on?  Do you share dreams or messages so we shine?
  3. Are you trusting your inner guidance or running amok and creating unnecessary  dramas?  Are you aware of the needs of others or are you too bound up with in your own to even notice?
  4. Do you know what you believe in now?  Or, are you being over influenced by others?
  5. Have you the courage to let life dance through you?  If you have the we manifest the new dreams with relative ease.  Are you speaking your own truth?  Are you standing up for what you believe in?  Are you respecting yourself and others?





We cannot ‘change’ a situation that is not to our liking because in truth we do not know what is required.  Nor can we ‘fix’ someone for their path is not ours.  We can’t protect those we care for, nor can we rescue them from living their path in life.  We can support and encourage but we need to be sensitive and do so without invading their space or being intrusive.   If we assume we know the current situation and try to take control we belittle, even when we do not intend to do so.  If we try to ‘take over’ we can seem to disempower and so negate the efforts of those we care for.  What a minefield!
This time of year can appear to restrict us.   If we try to expand our minds and increase our knowledge  this is a good time to do something new.  Look around and see what is available locally so as to pursue interests, hobbies and talents that  have been suppressed or forgotten about.  It may stimulate a re-emerge now, so be alert to things that catch your interest. Be courageous and follow your passion. Deliverance is the gift of the liver, the organ that filters out the toxicity and rids the body of excess. We can use the energy to filter out the toxicity in our life that is no longer serving us on the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical levels.
Before we ‘help’ another we set the example ourselves as best we are able.  When we remain clear and focused within, regardless of what is happening out in the external world, we can overcome any doubt or sense of failure that may try to consume us.  This allows the magic of life to pull us through the darkness.
We’ve just experienced Epiphany when there wise men deliver gifts to the new born, the difference this year is that three wise women follow them to show people how to implement these gifts.  So all of us have been trying to reconcile the sacred union within us.  When we live life as an adventure we free our minds from the fear that creates barriers and restricts us. If life has been challenging and difficult, we put out the intention to experience a positive adventure.  To do this we must explore our Inner Power and this is where we may need to experience the wisdom of those with a proved track record.  But are we willing to accept their lead?
We have been fuelled by fire energy which brings out our assertiveness,  this promotes and enables us to recognise our inner leadership qualities and to make a stand for ourselves. If we seek and accept direction It helps us get in touch with our inner burning desires.  it also gives us the strength to disengage from any disempowering situation or relationship we are in, and may even be the final nudge you need to break free.  We will need to do this if we are to experience new beginnings
To help us with this process, we are more able to see how the cycles of life are flowing, and are always in a process of beginning and ending.  Stop fighting life and instead find acceptance that everything is happening is perfectly formulated.  The sequence is re-visit past, be it places and situations to filter them and let go of what is no longer required;  then we experience a void when nothing seems to be happening;  then finally  we are gradually able to follow the clues as to what comes next.
We don’t need to burn our bridges we just keep in touch with what is possible and recognise what is no longer appropriate.  We may feel disappointed that our beliefs and projections of others is not being fulfilled. But rather than blame the other person, recognise that it may well be our expectations that may have been too high and they were just being themselves for as we have changed and moved on so have they.
Wise Women Also Came 
by Jan L Richardson.
Wise women also came.
The fire burned
in their wombs
long before they saw
the flaming star
in the sky.
They walked in shadows,
trusting the path
would open
under the light of the moon.
Wise women also came,
seeking no directions,
no permission
from any king.
They came
by their own authority,
their own desire,
their own longing.
They came in quiet,
spreading no rumours,
sparking no fears
to lead
to innocents’ slaughter,
to their sister Rachel’s
inconsolable lamentations.
Wise women also came,
and they brought
useful gifts:
water for labor’s washing,
fire for warm illumination,
a blanket for swaddling.
Wise women also came,
at least three of them,
holding Mary in the labor,
crying out with her
in the birth pangs,
breathing ancient blessings
into her ear.
Wise women also came,
and they went,
as wise women always do,
home a different way.
Suggested self check
  1. Are your ‘needs’ the same as they used to be?  What modification is required.
  2. How can you respond in an updated and gracious manner?
  3. Do you feel inwardly free and focused?
  4. Can you rearrange to enable release of anything more to make your life easier?
  5. Where are you within the sequence of letting go, being in a void space, and having the willingness to follow obvious clues while letting the mystery of solving everything go for now?



Learning to love ourself as well as others enables forgiveness and the release of painful learning and experiences.  As a result we become more connected to the vastness within the unknown.  We are in constant communication within also with all live surrounding us.  We are all asked to readjust our own experiences as a result of the intensification of human behaviours, the flow of information that has become more conscious.  We only have to keep up with the news to observe this is a world-wide phenomena.
Whether we feel overwhelmed and fear filled or excited is our choice.  We have had to work hard to nurture all as best able ourselves included until we are more peaceful within.  Only then do we increase our openness which enables us to flow more easily with life.  It is valuable to have time to focus upon your internal expression so that you begin your creations with much more clarity. As you free yourself from discordant information that you were holding within, you release unconscious vibrational information that was causing a lack of clarity. You are then able to choose your next steps with much more clarity.
It is the time for new levels of creativity and empowerment but we must come from updated and true authenticity.  We allow all emotions positive and negative these inform us and enable clarity and so transformation without suppression.  We have a passive phase prior to defining new more limitless boundaries.  Be observant and decide what you wish to take in and be a part of.  It is known as shapeshifting and we are deciding on the new view.  This involves letting go of the old and connecting to a more beauty filled reality.
Our ‘job’ is not to change the world but to change ourself into a power filled being that reshapes our own world, this in turn will affect others.  If we view ourselves with strength and courage of one who know the power of love both within and ‘outside’ eventually the two meet and merge and we are on our way to taking another step forward.  We have to handle the daily challenges that human beings are facing, then developing the wisdom to understand personal limitations moment by moment.  All the time creating healthy boundaries.
To understand new solutions building we need to maintain peaceful focus of our expectations and ability to demonstrate love in action and the power it holds.  We need to become the change ourself first only then can we demonstrate that way to others.  Clearly many want to see the peace that passes understanding manifest on Earth.  Those who abuse power must stand down,  We are all a part of humanity and have different skills to input,  none are superior or inferior we are just aware of the movement of all and the need to find our space in the new regime as we applaud others doing the same.  If we consciously communicate with Life, you develop a clearer understanding of the physical realm and non-physical realm.  Detachment is not a lack of compassion, it is a lack of turmoil.  It is our authenticity and honouring of the self that creates our core strength.
May the Winter Solstice, Christmas and the New Year bring all that each and all required and may we find the grace to support and encourage many.
On a personal note may I wish all a blessed season as we pass the darkest night and head once again for the Light.  My thanks to relatives, friends, colleagues and all who have been so supportive this past year.
Suggested self check:
  1. Are you going to choose love or fear?  Choosing love requires surrender and forgiveness of self and others.  Face ‘what is’ square in the face and trust in the good.
  2. Are you trying to control life and the universe?  You can’t!  Affirm your willingness to let go and focus on the next chapter.
  3. Are you jumping to conclusions ahead of time?  Just be present in the moment willing to see and listen and to feel, conclusions appear when all are ready and only then – develop patience.
  4. Recognise that all things change but some take longer than others to adjust.  We get in the way if we bully intentionally or unintentionally.  Do you?
  5. Are you willing to let go of doubt and jump into your next space, then to wait and see what this involves?



Will it be a sting in the tail or increasing respect and love of all?

If we are able to work through the gears to arrive into neutral we  can release old suffering once and for all, not only for ourselves but for others as well..  First we need to findthe strength to surrender our human fears to the unknown, and trust our flow with Life, even when we don’t fully understand what is happening.  November is often known as the scorpion with the sting in its tail.  Sometimes we find the focus is on relationships and we can expect issues that need to be resolved to come up during this period. It also shows us where darkness is lurking.  We can choose to  face our fear and let go of emotional attachments and relationships that have been holding us back.  If our space is too cluttered we cannot find the space to respond Clear that space and we create harmony and peace, rather than anger and chaos.
It can be helpful to clear out our homes pass on clothes, pictures kitchen equipment, furniture and so on.  Attics, garages and storage areas are not exempt this physical action can support emotional cleansing,  and outdated ways of being which in turn will create spiritual space.  Only then can the new ways present.  It maybe unexpected and quiet but they will come for sure. 
If the action we take is inspired by Love, we are choosing a new path, which may not be as established as others, but if it is based in Love then our life can change out of all recognition.  The courage to walk the talk of the heart and the gut shows us a new trail waiting to be blazed with the fire of our passion; the flame of our inspiration; the Light of our Love.   The forms vary considerately. Perhaps people we have known have grown at different rates to those we are experiencing right now, not better or worse just different.  Maybe we have changed our work or have stopped working. It could be a change of location.  We need to adapt and free others to do the same.


Action starts with an internal choice.  If it is inspired by love we are able to maintain a firm foundation promoting well being for all even when times appear a little sticky.  Expect the unexpected and even the apparent same old, same old will take on new life which will surprise and delight.  We need to learn to rise above pettiness, so we create steadiness for ourselves and others who surround us.  Up in the air one minute then being in the depths of despair is exhausting for one and all,  and leads us to be always off balance, if we steady down within, then we are less affected by what happens around us.  We come from our faith and are peaceful, so be still and if you are not then meditate, be alone in nature until you are.  This past month many people have been experiencing dizziness especially when they get up suddenly.  Blurry eyes, that shift from clear to being blurred in seconds.  Ears shifting from not hearing sometimes described as ‘cloth ears’  to acute hearing that is almost painful.  We are getting ready for our next phase of learning and all ‘filters’  are being cleaned and adjusted.  When this is completed health returns are whatever level is necessary and so does our balance.
Suggested self-check
  1. Are you listening to your gut instinct and cutting out any non-sense from the past?  Find something to be joyful about each day.
  2. Are you able to get co-census agreement between the subtle and the practical and so make clearer decisions?
  3. Are you able to hold a patient and tenacious way of being?  This can include injecting renewed energy into projects and tasks from the past which we’ve neglected for one reason or another.
  4. Are you looking after all, and that includes you, as best you are able?  No matter how poorly, unloved or run down you’ve been are you able to count your blessings?
  5. Is your paper work in order, bills paid, tax issues attended to and financial matters sorted and cleared?  They either come back and bite us or are a reason  to celebrate completion.

Real Progress as we balance opposites

This is the time to see very clearly and practically what is no longer working in our life, and what needs to go,  and where we need to let go of the ‘dead wood’; it could involve projects, creative endeavours, relationships and friendships, that are no longer serving us. We need to be aware not to become too nit-picky or overwhelmed by the actions of others around us . We may find ourselves mixing with some old pals, yet wishing others well but also understanding there is only so much time and space and if they are no longer relevant to our life or our circumstances we wish them well and know it is time to let go.  
We now need to have different pursuits or interests then we have to comply with the relevance of life as it is now.  That gives all the time and the space to physically ground the ideas that have been forming over the last few weeks,  but only If we have clarified our intentions and have clearly defined our desires, wishes and hopes  To do this we must acknowledge that which we don’t want to make space for so that we are  available for the old to merge with the new seamlessly.
Instead of striving for something at the top of the ladder, strive for understanding of the circle of energy that makes up our new “now” reality.  We need to understand the non-linear as well as the obvious.  It is a statement of where we are now within ourself and within the updated family circumstances.  My eldest son said on a recent visit his doctor he had suggested that my son was no longer a young man and high impact exercise might be replaced by low impact.  He said if he was no longer young it came as a shock to realise must be ancient!  We had a good laugh but its also a truism!  
Old family ‘tags’ may be lovely, funny or they may contain darkness, poison and ‘wrong’ living, it may have been ‘right’ once but is no longer.  We have to transmute one stage to another or we will be unable to ‘fit’ in today’s world as we too easily become a round peg in a square hole. The grace to be where we are is a skill that needs constant update!  We need to take an overall view as and so create interactions that contain vulnerability, courage love and reconnection.  If any resist we are unable to move on collectively.  Make the choice and don’t sit on the fence it is no longer the easy option.  If we don’t choose to change we get forced to!  Commit to update and it becomes inspiring right where we are.
Suggested self check:
  1. What activities are life supporting with circumstances surrounding you at this time?
  2. What sort of obstructions are occurring; do those obstructions need to be pushed through or are you being advised by life to leave well alone and let them go?
  3. Is the space around you clear of clutter?  If it is not then work to clear a space – your rubbish is someone else treasure so if you haven’t used something within the last year let it go or chuck it!
  4. The physical activity above reflects your emotional state and your intellectual activities as well so decide what you no longer wish or appear to be being allowed to involve yourself within and action the clearing.
  5. Make ‘friends’ with the time it takes to affect change and be realistic until you understand what is required.  Have the flexibility to operate a trial and error system.  

Postscript  Apologies I have been off line for nearly two weeks due to a server fault.  Finally last night the problem was put right by the 3rd engineer who has been on sight and that was after 5 hours!  So to those who have been neglected, whose birthdays have been missed sincere apologies.  To emails that have not been answered – i’m trying to catch up and so on.  That is also the reason this blog is shorter than usual, I’ll try to do better next month. All good wishes ……..




It’s Harvest time of the year we all gather the foods we need at every level of being physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual to carry us into the next phase with gratitude and grace.  When we trust the unknown within, we open ourself to more of an understanding and connection with the subtle realms, via our subtle bodies.  Trusting the unknown within means trusting  our impulses, trusting  our actions, trusting  our perception, and trusting that what is not yet known.  We coming into resonance within us as to what is required of us next. What is not yet known is divine, magical, loving and dear to our heart. What is unknown is how life is going to unfold and open us to more awareness of our divinity within. When an unknown is dangerous or not beneficial to us, our physical, emotional and mental bodies alert us, if we take notice we keep out of trouble that is avoidable.  

Trusting the unknown within us helps us to learn to communicate with the subtle language. It is not as direct and linear as our physical languages. It is not as immediate. It is more about opening into potential.  As we begin to trust the unknown within, we are allowing the vast potential within us to begin to blossom. Trusting the unknown within is the difference between expecting that we should already know and knowing that there is a greater divinity within. This keeps us open to expansion.  It is important to stay rooted until or unless we have reason to relocate, need yes, whim no!  

It is quite common to mostly observe what is wrong, and judge and compare where we are now as wrong, in comparison to what we want to be experiencing. Yet as we focus on the unknown with an inner trust we naturally expand ourself into more divinity in human form. Watch out for impatience and intolerance towards things we find difficult to accept  It is not easy to hold that vastness within the present moment. It is not easy to observe the world around us and maintain our unique vibration.  And yet, that is the challenge that we are embarking upon moment by moment—looking beyond the obvious, beyond the physical expression that is occurring now, and into the future that we are wanting to create. To accomplish that in a grounded ‘beingness’, we become empowered connecting deeply with Life.   Life evolves in directions that support Life even when we don’t fully understand what is going on.  It is a deep knowing within that whatever is occurring in this now moment has been built from the foundation of the past and it has created this perfect now moment that is building the future.

And yet, all of that future is already within us. That is the linear experience we have already experienced.  Yet we are also the vast experience—that deep knowing that life evolves in ways that supports all life. That evolution is not always easy, but it always occurs. Nature will always replenish itself, and like animals we adjust to the needs of nature and what it can provide. Humanity is learning this on an external levels. We already know this very naturally.   The hardest of rocks is shaped by the softest of water. But that water is not timid. It flows where it wants to flow regardless of the rock. It just takes its natural path of least resistance.   This is working with the subtle realm, and in doing so we will find that as we open to the divinity that is within us, we deepen the levels of trust within us and loose our fear of the unknown. We learn that the momentum of life is carrying us in a different direction when we accept that this is so we allow the path of least resistance to show us the next flow available.

It is important not to compromise our integrity and our truth.  We slow down to eventually speed up again.   We start to think what we want to say before we speak having worked out what outcome we would like before we say anything.  Only when we do the emotional preparation do we find we are heard more easily this way of being serves all.  If we do what we are doing with passion, creativity and it serves a purpose success and abundance is achieved for all.  This way of being and what we subsequently decide to do is a sacred union which will bear fruit given the space to grow and the time needed – trust and it will be so.

Suggested self-check:

  • Are the wounds we have experience within real or an illusion?
  • Are we willing to let old wounds go or do we cling to them like an identification  badge?
  • With all the polarities meeting and sometimes clashing just now are we willing to be a part of the solution or do we add to the problems?
  • Are we willing to do what we can for ourself (and for others) or do we expect a ‘special deal’?
  • Are we modest within what we want or do we consider others around us?
  • Are we humble and grateful or are we always wanting to have ‘more’?
  • Have we let go to the level of our capacity to enable the next phase to enter in?

Embracing the highs and the lows


It is now time to stand up tall and believe in yourself. The new moon encourages us to be PROUD of who we are and what we are doing in the world. It gives us the courage and commitment to follow our hearts, enabling us to truly accept ourselves. We are all born with a purpose and this is the time to start to fully live in alignment with your truth, without fear or shame.  we all have a deep vision of who we are within us that benefits the whole of humanity. Each one of us has the power to change the unfolding planetary story we are writing, but only if we choose to share our skills and talents to serve others, rather than for purely personal gain. Selfless service helps us to rebuild our self esteem and raise our vibration.  This is the time to stand up strong, unafraid and unashamed to be who we are. However, real compassionate leadership starts from WITHIN. Our sense of self-awareness and worthiness increases when we realise our place in the world is important and worthwhile.  If we become too arrogant we can fall flat on our faces so try not to get involved in drama, our own or that of others. Stop hiding in the shadows, afraid of who you once were buying into the loneliness drama, and get out into the world with your unique gifts and skills. This is the ONLY way we can help make this world a better place.
We’ve been going through what is sometimes referred to as a black moon, when a month prior we try to find the best, most up to date form of discernment.  First we must experience intense quiet where we are as still as possible.  It’s a time to listen not to speak, to reflect not to act, to go within rather than run around like a bull in a china shop.  The entire universe is contained within so we as the microcosm learn the entire microcosmic self is a direct reflection of the macrocosm.  We are a thread woven in time and in space as we pass through life and reflect the macrocosm. As the next new moon comes around it sparks our creativity and we bring learned wisdom to bear.  We have to be patient and have fortitude and commitment which will fuel the engine of fulfilment. 
New opportunities that occur to early can falter before they begin.  The a much-anticipated new start will fast lose its shine, this will leave us discouraged and disorientated.  This is all to common if we are ‘in a hurry’ we must pave the way as we highlight where adjustments maybe needed so we make haste more slowly giving an adequate time to review and instigate any alterations prior to the birth of the new phase.  We may experience the change as a gentle breeze or a mighty storm, whatever we learn to embrace the unknown whether it trickles in or it is experienced as a flood through our life as it must and it will.
Surrender is the name of the game.  During this month we have acknowledged the work done with I-Sky we were 21!  We had a celebration entitled ‘Passing the Baton’ and that is just where it is at!  Guru Dharam, Darryl O’Keeffe and I have actively worked together for 21 years (although we’ve known each of a lot longer) and now it is time for the ‘grown children’ to have their turn as we step back.  They become self-responsible and with increasing awareness and it is time for us to applaud and acknowledge those in service who are making an effort.  A fuller ‘menu’ which may or may not appeal to others,  but it gives all the chance to allow for a more democratic structure and so a stronger base.  We’re aware some may succeed, some may not.  We have always had a policy not to dictate but to encourage, both in mainstream markets and more specialist ones.  If it is in line with the requirements of the moment each will have success: if not it will be back to the drawing board!  Last weekend we came from a track record that speaks for itself, now it is the turn of those who come after us and we move more into an advisory role.  We cannot and must not become dogmatic,  To communicate with the ability to come from our core is essential now.  If we are in our centre we become our own advertisement.  If our intention is clear we can afford to accommodate others with respect, they will find out for themselves in the fullness of time if boundaries are adequate or not.  If we are unable to enable others we become dictatorial and will lose our connections with them and our ability to mediate between the Management Upstairs and people seeking but who have not yet found what they are looking for’
Time to question how deeply do we dare to love ourselves?  If the Management Upstairs love us enough to put us here who are we to question it?  Then we ask how readily do we express love and appreciation and where does our focus lie.  To engage with others we have to be honest with ourselves and with others as to where our strengths and weaknesses are and acknowledge our gifts and challenges, only when we engage with intensity can we then lighten up and consequently work with a light touch.  This may require the old to move out of our space so as to make room for others to move in. Are we different when we are alone as opposed to when we are with others?  We are being asked to recognise our contribution within the lives of others, to do that we must acknowledge them.  No false propaganda is acceptable we need to have walked the talk through time and have been tempered by the tides of living.  We can’t do that if we demand to much attention from others if we haven’t offer attention to them.  We may think our contributions are recognised but then how well do we recognise those who have contributed to us?  
One of my teachers said to me when I was having a moan to him about the demands of teaching, travel, children etc. “Until it doesn’t bother you, they will be there and increase demand on you.  When it really doesn’t bother you only then do you get a choice as to how to proceed.”  Wise words and as I look back I really recognise the benefits and the learning I gained from one and all.  A great lesson learned in humility and modesty!  Leading from in-front too easily becomes dictatorship, leading from behind may not received recognition short term but everyone benefits and why should we think we deserve the limelight anyway?  A true democracy acknowledges the skills of all as the whole moves forward together playing their role rather than trying to be who they are not.
Suggested self-check:
  1. Do we try to lead because we are self-deluded and feel comfortable or can we really guide with wisdom and grace.  If we can we need control nothing, manipulate nothing.  Time will tell and students and family will be quick to point it out to us if we’re willing to listen and take notice.  Are we?
  2. Are we willing to open our heart to life in all it’s forms rather than just try to follow the path we would wish.
  3. Do we appreciate our divine authority and respond and acknowledge that in others within all avenues of life?
  4. In what ways can we inspire others to be authentic.  We can’t if we are not authentic ourselves, are we at all times or just when we perceive ourselves to be the ones working?
  5. How deeply can we respect ourself even when things do not appear to be going according to plan?
  6. Does our life glorify ego or illuminate the collective?
  7. How do we manage when things do not appear to be going our way or we feel rejected and insecure?





In moments of fear and uncertainty we may feel restless, stuck, and frustrated about a situation we have no control over, issues suddenly come to the surface. We can also be a bit tactless and insensitive creating unintended bad feeling, so we need to make sure we think before we speak. We can also be blindly optimistic about a situation, so we need to use our intuition before we act. The best way of flowing is to be willing to be as flexible as possible, and take opportunities as they arise in the moment, to transform the chaos into creativity. For this we need to be patient and compliant.

There certainly is a collective shift going on. Easy to see this illustrated throughout the world. It is a bit like the active person who is moving and shaking, strutting around busily finding they suddenly get older, have an accident or whatever being sidelined to enable others starting out to take their place. Alternatively when the kids grow up and leave home and make their mark having experiences we know nothing about. Old connections may fade or strengthen but WE don’t know which is which or what is what as yet.

It shakes us up we may loose our balance as the status quo has changed, or we may have visual disturbance both In one way we are anxious and want to provoke physical manifestation and understanding, on the other hand we yearn for past familiarity. The first requires us to anticipate the future (which we can’t) in the second option we need to let go of the past, we may know this internally yet it is not time yet to fully understand the implications. Maybe others who surround us, or will surround us need more time or circumstances need more preparation. Time to get off the case and ‘do the day’!

We need to be more spontaneous, laugh more loudly, and have as much fun as possible. Make time to have an adventure, go into nature, and enjoy the summer. Stretch imagination and intellect by taking a course, classes, or attending a talk or workshop on a subject that fascinates and excites you, or dropping without guilt things in which we have lost interest in altogether.

Take the situation of today and mould it into something that’s beautiful for you now. In dire, difficult circumstances, anchor and celebrate all that’s around. Claim love of the Management Upstairs and of love if you can do this compassion with fill and surround. Then just keep on going!

In the bigger picture three powers (United States of America, Russia and Great Britain) form an important energetic triangle within which, major conflicts are being precipitated fundamentally affecting the destiny of humanity. Once there is a free circulation and a true understanding within their own borders, and between them, then world peace will be assured. In these three nations, Russia, United States of America and Great Britain, three major divine aspects are being brought into manifestation, laying the foundation for a new world order. All three are of equal importance: Great Britain we need to demonstrate right human government and right use of Power; from the United States of America right human relations which bring right use of love and wisdom; and from Russia correct use of the mind and intelligent application of Intelligence.

Suggested self-check:

  1. Do we dictate terms if we feel thwarted?

  2. Do we try to ‘rule the world’ or demonstrate a revised way of being, then

    wait patiently to see if others agree through time?

  3. Are we loving towards all others even when our wisdom appears to fall on

    deaf ears?

  4. Are we wise in our expectations and patient as we wait to see if our

    policies are fed back to us as if it was their idea in the fullness of time?

  5. Do we try to dominate situations by getting aggressive?

  6. Can we come up with viable solutions when faced with some issue we do

    not like?

  7. Are we competitive trying to our own way creating an “I’m ok shame about

    you” situation?


Making friends with uncertainty


Who are we now?  Right now each moment seems different – peace, excitement, fatigue, confusion, energy, clarity, irritation, with moments of revising understanding, is the full spectrum of love being revised within us?  Maybe we find our balance affected or is it our eyes going in and out of focus?  During this adjustment we need to relax and be more flexible, if we over focus on one aspect we get in the way of flow.
We have been dredging up almost primal energies which connect us to our primal status.  On the one hand we may seek wealth, fortune, inner peace and wisdom; on the other safety, security, desire and personal satisfaction.  Are we as we would wish to be and do we really believe it will improve our quality of life? So often as we satisfy one desire many more come in to take their place.  We’re trying to temper our ego so it compliments our soul, if we try to eliminate one in favour of the other it just won’t work, rather it will set up conflict.
Many people have been experiencing strong desire maybe in the form of frustration, greed, grasping what we think we want or competing with another as we jockey for what we think might be a better position.  Are we stubbornly pursueing our desires in spite of them not being in our best interest, if so we will be thrawted.  Better to nurture desires that nurture our interests and which enhance our insights.  How we manage our desires and respons to other is key.
If we assume we have a right to have and get whatever we want we throw tantrums when life does not deliver.  The same if we place our wants above  everyone else’s as we expect other to dance to our tune.  The energy around us is potentially disruptive yet it is linked to raw unmitigated impersonal power.  How we tame these wild ‘horses’ depends on our style.  We may tend to try to subtly manipulate people into our way of thinking; we may be outspoken assuming our word should be law and the thing to play others like they are puppets on our strongs.  If others don’t afford us the respect we think we are due we start to sulk!  If we just do our thing without regard to others we detach from all others rather than just being selective so our input is relevant to who and where we find ourselves right now.  If we disregard all others we trample others hopes and dreams as we get in their way.
If we listen rather than talk we start to hear what is and what is not relevant to our status.  A quiet mind hears whispers and sees glimpses that give possible   So those who shout or those who direct us what to see get in our way as they try to trample our will towards their self-interests while ignoring us.  Don’t disregard the gentle or dismiss them as worthless.  The quiet but those who are nevertheless truthful and trustful are the humble who will come to the fore from this time on.
Suggested self-check:
  1. Do you feel the MU and the Earth within you have reunited in updated form within you?
  2. Do you recognise those who speak their truth in life as opposed from those who just talk about it?
  3. Have you made a request regards the world you wish to inhabit as opposed to those you really don’t?
  4. Do you feel your divine self truly lives within regardless of disciplines you may have studied in the past have you owned the essence and released all else?
  5. Are you ready and willing to work with what comes rather than making exaggerated plans?
  6. Are you able to remain quiet and calm even when you have to challenge something you are not in agreement with?
  7. Can you identify those whose card is ‘marked’ from The Management Upstairs?



We have the opportunity to deepn our reality, increase in confidence and soar in ways that are unfamiliar to us.  Sometimes described as soul retrieval as we integrate fragments into a new cohesive whole, we sift the ingredients, so to speak, and convert them into a genuine feeling of inner completion.  This is the culmination of sifting what we need from old experience and coupling it with what is possible now.  Meeting it head on allows for an important rewiring of all levels of being so as to meet new experience with an attitude of anticipation, so allowing our life force to be rewired and focused towards new expression outwardly in the service of all as we begin to understand what is required of us now.
Many have been experiencing fear of late, some from within, some as a result of what has been being demonstrated by world events.  All bringing about the degree of tension required to break though into different states. We must not lack empathy or connection in order to accelerate our growth so we require a level of detachment that allows us to look past the obvious and into pure potential.  If our potential includes a capacity to love and to care we connect with what is required.
So now we are at a stillpoint, a little like having breathed in we have a point when nothing appears to be happening prior to breathing out once more.  However at the stillpoint it is a time when we are gathering energy.  It is necessary to honour that moment of inaction but it is an essential time as one thing feeds another.  The connection point is between what was and what will be.  Now the point is what we are whispering to ourself within ourself.  First we need to take notice of our focus for we must maintain a powerful inner realm that sustains the beauty of our life even if the circumstances are somewhat difficult to manage.
With the festival of the Buddha (May 10) we learn to surrender to reality as it is rather than trying to live as we think things ought to hae been.  As we break through old fear we go down to greater depths within ourselves, and we let go  of what what no longer serves so as to get with the new updated programmes.  It can be a profound experience as we shed old skins but prior to this we have to find the courage to face within ourselves what we’ve been hiding.  Painful maybe but very liberating especially if we have been in denial regards choices we may have made in the past.  Time to forgive ourselves as well as others and move on in greater wisdom, as beyond the chaos comes new order.
Suggested self check:
  1. Do you trust yourself not to make other people responsible for your state of mind?
  2. Do you punish others by actions, tone of voice or ancient dogma?
  3. Do you sacrifice yourself or lay a guilt trip if you are feeling bad?
  4. Do you self motivate by taking exercise, keeping yourself occupied rather than expecting others to contribute to your state of mind?
  5. Are your expectations realistic within the circumstances of the moment?
  6. Are you truthful and trustful towards those closest to you?
  7. Are you able to work on a need to know basis rather than ‘gossip’?